Top 5 Tax Considerations When Expanding Your Business to the USA

February 28, 2020

Are you planning on expanding your business in the USA? Accountants Without Borders specializes in helping small to medium size business owners understand the US tax code. We can guide your decision-making process to help avoid costly mistakes. 

Consider these top 5 items to issues when planning a US expansion for your business:

  1. Understand local, state, and federal incentives for business expansion.
  2. Select the right entity structure for your US business expansion.
  3. Establish an accounting system for your US-based business.
  4. Understanding payroll taxes at the state and federal level at start-up.
  5. Choosing an accounting firm that specializes in US expansion of international businesses.

Let's look closer at each point and how it impacts decisions when expanding your business to the USA.

Federal, State, and Local Incentives for Businesses

The United States is eager to welcome the expansion of international businesses. There are numerous incentives at the federal, state, and local level that affect the accounting practices of businesses expanding to the USA. Accountants Without Borders is experienced in helping international businesses understand these complicated arrangements. This ensures you make the best decisions at the beginning of the expansion process, to minimize tax liability and maximize profits.

Select the Right Business Structure 

Your business' structure determines how you will pay taxes in the USA. Each structure has its own specifically-designated paperwork, as well as its own unique impact on personal and corporate liability. The process of selecting a business structure begins when you register your business and acquire a tax identification number. Accountants Without Borders specializes in helping international businesses understand the structuring options for optimal results.

Establishing an Accounting System

Accounting systems help business managers produce reports that assist with tax planning and tax minimization strategies. Selecting the right one from the beginning can save time, money, and other precious resources when expanding a business in the USA. Choose Accountants Without Borders, and let us select the right accounting system for your business structure, to ensure compliance with a complicated and ever-changing tax code.

Understanding Payroll Taxes

The US tax structure requires certain business structures to manage tax withholdings for Social Security and Medicare. Working with a knowledgable accounting professional at start-up to establish the right payroll process will ensure you are compliant with these sometimes complicated requirements. The right payroll system can also ensure you attract the right employees for your expanded business.

Working with Accountants that Specialize in Expansion into US Markets

Accountants Without Borders is well-versed and well-skilled in providing tailored services to international companies expanding into the United States. We know the internet is making the world smaller, and travel is easier than ever. Technology smooths the process of business development and expansion. Let our experts guide you through the expansion process to ensure best practices from the get-go. 

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